Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

What a lovely afternoon at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! Outside was pouring with rain and inside we were jolly and happy and enjoying lots of fun things together. It was heartwarming to see so many adults and children altogether and people who had had events cancelled came at the last minute. Thankfully we had made more than enough food and tables were squeezed in.

Mad Hatter (Jon Whitfield), performed Shanty songs and narrated and adjudicated the childrens games, he was great fun and weaved in and out of the audience with his narration, he warned us about The Queen (Keith Williams), and she came with great pomp and gracefulness!! Keith did brilliantly, considering he was urgently called as our original Queen had to have a major heart operation rather quickly.

Alice (Eva Pitt) was superb, considering the slight change in logistics with more people coming – she managed her part so well and what an actress! fabulous!
White Rabbit (Gareth Martin)went straight into character, rushing around looking at his large pocket watch
Cheshire Cat (Carys Pitt) had just come back from a residential trip at school and probably very tired, managed very well too and made everyone laugh – such a character!
Dormouse (Bethan Pitt) inside the teapot, got louder and louder with her words!! a huge well done

March Hare (Gareth Martin) joined the Mad Hatter table to challenge Alice as to why she so wanted to join them!

Caterpillar (Vanessa Martin) just about got on the stool in time to blow bubbles while Alice was approaching!

Such a fun occasion and happy memory for all, thank you to all took part, helped and came to this event.